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In a virgin place like Tulum you can’t look away from the environmental troubles of the world. On the beach you step into trash, seaweed is a daily reminder of ocean pollution, proper waste treatment is as good as non-existent and in every little shop plastic is ever present. Living here and seeing in front of my eyes how nature is impacted by us breaks my heart and encourages me to lead as a good example. That’s why I inspire you for a more consciously way of traveling wherever your journey takes you. All your contributions go to carefully selected organizations, which help to protect the beauty of Tulum.


Where donations go to

Grupo Tortuguero del Caribe protects & preserves sea turtles

Tulum Recycles runs recycle pickups for homes & businesses

Razonatura educates & certifies nature tour guides


Reality check: get a quick environmental insight of Tulum.


Welcome to the jungle, literally

Although the beach road and the town are full of hotels, hip bars and restaurants – in Tulum you are still in the wilderness. The little village doesn’t have the infrastructure yet to serve the 2 million people, who visit each year. That means: here human impact on nature is even bigger than elsewhere. Unfortunately behind the boho chic facade, not everything is that pretty. Electricity only supplies a few hotels, many don’t have proper sewage treatment systems and the waste of most businesses goes straight to the landfill in the jungle. But luckily there are many businesses, individuals and organizations that care and do it right.  

What travelers can do

Having the privilege to connect with nature on your vacation also means not to demand the same like in a city. Because the development of Tulum lags behind the growth of people, locals and tourists have to be aware, that sometimes electricity is scarce, phone reception is low and the wi-fi is weak. Know that you are in a very young, low developed sometimes still untouched tropical piece of land. Best is to choose a hotel without air-con and pool, but with a septic tank and wind generators or solar panels. Also think of what to bring and introduce to the environment – I put together the best things to pack for Tulum below.


There is no planet B – let’s protect Mother Earth.


Get involved

Let me know, if you like to team up to take action.