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Life made me discover Tulum by chance in 2012. I was immediately enchanted by the beautiful nature, the Mayan culture, the spiritual energy and the Mexican lust for life. On another travel here, I asked myself: why leaving the place again, where I feel so happy? So my decision was made and since 2017 I call Tulum my home. Because I want to know each and every corner of my favorite piece of earth, I never stop exploring and quickly became a local expert. The joy this place gives me every day, I now happily share with you by giving you individually selected recommendations or tailor-made guided tours. 


On tour in and around the beautiful Yucatán.


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From Europe to America

Although I was born and raised in Germany and spend the last decade in Switzerland, I never felt rooted to Europe. Since I was 15 I always was the travel kind of girl, exploring the world on trips and stays abroad. The world always felt more like home to me than one specific country. So there is nothing more fitting for me than to live in a place that is a melting pot of many creative people and travelers from all around the world.

Woking in the advertising industry thankfully opened many job opportunities for me, that I now can work remotely as a freelance in Tulum and at the same time follow my passion: showing travelers the best places of the area.

Constantly exploring Tulum

In Tulum has something for everyone. For the backpackers, the honeymooners, the foodies, the yogis, the hippies, the nature lovers or the party animals. You just have to know where to go…

I love to explore all the different sides of Tulum and share my recommendations with you. For me, there’s almost nothing more exciting than to sit at a hotel bar, to hop to the next beach club or to try the newest restaurant in town. I’ve been a traveler in the area before and I know: there are many ways to find info. Books, blogs, Instagram – you name it. But isn’t it the best to talk to a local and get all the advice first hand? Here I am, happy to make your journey to Tulum unforgettable.


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