Stay afloat: it all starts from yourself

The world is full of horrible news. About the environment, politics, and so forth. The whole globe is in a crisis. Bad for sure. But good, too. Why? Because finally people are looking at the troubles. They are so visible now, that they are not more possible to ignore. But I don’t want delve into the problems. They are here. Obviously. Discussing them will not make the oceans cleaner, feed people or change governments. Lets get up from our computers, out of our office chairs and comfortable homes – it’s time to finally do something. 

But many seem to be paralyzed in doing so. Maybe because think, that they only can turn something around with the power of a group. That’s true, but it comes after the first step: after starting from yourself. Then the crowd will follow suit.

The Change is in You

Starting this chain of change is amazingly easy. For example, by bringing your own reusable shopping bags to the supermarket. At the cashier the people in line behind you, who still carry their groceries home in plastic bags, will look at you and think: „That’s smart,“ and probably will bring their own bags the next time. And if less people use the plastic bags in the supermarket, the owner has to change something too at some point.

You have more power than you think. Be a good example. Don’t tell people what they do wrong. Show them how to do it right. There are many beautiful ways how. 

As I’m so lucky to live on the ocean, I always pick up trash while walking on the beach. The people passing by, locals and tourists alike, see me and will start thinking. And agreeing. It is amazing how many shout a loving „Thank you!“ at me. Many also start to pick up plastic from the sand to put it into my trash bag.

Lead as a good example

See? You are the inspiration for others. That’s why I also love to inspire others with: 

Volunteering. Working for and in nature during your vacation is truly rewarding.

Signing petitions. Creating change with just a click is so simple. Like on

Composting. Turning organic waste into fertilizing soil makes so much sense. If you don’t have a garden, bring the valuable waste to a place where others can use it. 

Selecting. Choosing local, organic products provide health for you and the environment. 

If you don’t like what going on on this planet – don’t be angry. Be happy about your power to create your own lifestyle that you want for this world. By that, the collective of people who think like you will grow. Join in, it’s time to act. Let’s go for giving, instead of taking the beauty of nature for granted.