A strong current: many reasons for hope

A walk on a beach anywhere on earth can pull you down into the depths of black despair like an anchor. There’s plastic wherever you look. In the worst places trash even seems to outnumber the grains of sand. What humans did to nature is the worst crime committed on this planet: the mass extinction of countless species. And with it even our own race, if we continue like this. 

But well, not all is lost. Some individuals with great minds and motivation are working on getting the reverse button working. To me these people are the most powerful living beings right now. They have the might to ignite and spread the new consciousness further than ever. Their dedication for the environment is so inspiring. Because they create solutions or movements, which can rescue what we still have: a home on this planet. Thanks to their work all of us have something to cling to, a ready-made rescue float to jump onto and make the hopeful device even larger with our own doing – by inspiring others to join the platform too. 

Promising innovations

The Arche Noah of the 21st century is build by awesome international innovations like these: 

The Ocean Cleanup. The autonomous energy neutral trash collecting system created by the 24-year-old Boyan Slat from the Netherlands and refined by over 100 scientists just started its journey in the Great Garbage Patch in the Pacific. 

4ocean. The company of the surfer buddies Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulze from Florida already pulled 1 million pounds of garbage out of the oceans  – by selling statement bracelets from recycled materials and using the win for their mission. 

The Plastik Bank. Founders Shaun Frankson and David Katz, a passionate diver and sailor, had the idea of turning plastic trash into a currency. Now people in polluted, unprivileged areas can collect plastic garbage and get money, insurance or education in return.

Regional movements

But also here in Tulum strong forces are constructing a strong regional base of the saving life raft:  

Tulum Limpio. Already for three years the community dedicates its work to educate the people living in the area by creating awareness about the necessity to protect the environment.

Tulum Recycles. A volunteer organization of who runs a recycling pick-up for privates and businesses in Tulum. The first time ever that recycling is introduced and made easily accessible in the town.

#letsallbemakers. A pretty new, but up and coming community of humans who are passionate about making positive things happen in Tulum. They support and spread the word about volunteer operated clean-ups of the town and the beaches.

All of them inspire me, because they increase the chance of change and to finally mould the gears to make the reverse button functional for the future. They motivate me to help, take part, spread the word, move people and inspire others, too. 

Let’s make sure that these innovations and communities not only create hope, but also a real difference.